DccAssist is an X-Chat plugin for Linux designed to give a better visual representation and a more robust interaction with DCC file transfers. The plugin to X-Chat is written in C, whilst the GUI is coded in Java. Future goals include porting the plugin/app to Windows and numerous other ideas.

Screenshots are at the bottom of the page.

To download, please see the sourceforge project page at http://sourceforge.net/projects/dccassist.

Any and all help to compile or run can be found in this README, which is also distributed with the project.

DccAssist is still beta, with binary and source downloads available. The binary was built on Fedora Core 1, but if it doenst work for you the compilation is easy with the Apache Ant build support, so no one should be discouraged from downloading. You can download Ant here.

May 12, 2004

Version 1.9 is released today. Changes include a search function in PacketWatch, and the ability to clear or close old windows. Major stability improvements especially at startup and exit. This should be the last beta release as we are ever closer to the 2.0 stable release

May 2, 2004

Version 1.8 is released today. The new PacketWatch module scans and lists offered packs for channels you're in. When you see a file you want, just click download, and its done. To access the PacketWatch module, goto Tools->PacketWatch in the DccAssist window. More stability improvements to the main transfer watch module. This will be either the last or next to last beta release, as 2.0 will be stable fo sho!!

April 7, 2004

Version 1.6 has been released. The "/ctcp" command has been added and the delete button is now fully functional. The real good news is that version 1.8 will be released in the next few weeks and it has MAJOR improvements including the new PacketWatch module which tracks the offered packs in all the channels you're currently in. Now one need only to join a given channel and download packs with a single click, just as (I hear) with the dccAssist plugin for mIRC. Also, version 1.8 will have more stability improvements to the main DccAssist module. Keep checking back.

DccAssist Screenshots

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The 1st is a shot of the main DccAssist transfer module, the new PacketWatch module, and X-Chat2. The second is a full screen shot of the PacketWatch monitoring numerous channels. Both taken at 1024x768x16, click to enlarge.