DccAssist is an X-Chat plugin that manages and tracks XDCC transfers. From the start of an XDCC command and queue placement until the transfer is complete, DccAssist keeps you updated. Thank you for trying DccAssist!!


DccAssist is currently in beta phase of development. To help see http://sourceforge.net/projects/dccassist

DccAssist should run on most Linux and *nix systems. It has a Java client and a C plugin that you load from X-Chat. These two components communicate through System V IPC message queues. There is a small native library to assist the Java side in using the message queues.

*DccAssist must be running before loading the dccassist.so plugin into XChat.*

To run from binary


-You must have a Java virtual machine installed and on your path to run.
-XChat2 IRC client.


1. Unpack the tarball with 'gunzip dccassist-1.x.tar.gz'
2. Extract the archive with 'tar -xvf dccassist-1.x.tar'
3. Move to the created directory with 'cd dccassist-1.x'
4. run the bash shell script 'runDccAssist.sh'

To compile and run from source:

Highly, almost insanely recommended:

-An installed version of Apache Ant, at least version 1.5.1., make sure you have the ANT_HOME environment variable set, as well as $ANT_HOME/bin on your PATH environment variable.


-You must have a java SDK and a Java virtual machine installed and on your path to compile/run.
-A fairly recent copy of the GNU C compiler
-XChat2 IRC client.


-Most people with Ant installed will be able to compile by simply running 'ant' from the top level directory of DccAssist.

-If this doenst work for you, try "by hand":

To compile the native portions of the project:

For the X-Chat plugin:

1. cd to src/dccassist/plugin
2. gcc -Wall -O1 -shared dccAssist.c -o ../../../dccAssist.so

For the MessageControl native library:

1. cd to src/dccassist
2. g++ -Wall -O1 -shared -fPIC MessageControl.c -o ../../libMessageControl.so

To compile the java front end

1. cd to src
2. javac dccassist/*.java


If you compiled using Ant as is preferred:

1. From the top level dccassist directory, run 'ant run'
2. Run X-Chat and load the plugin dccassist.so, which is in the top level directory as well.

If you compiled "by hand":

1a. From the src directory of dccassist,
run 'java -Djava.library.path=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:../ dccasstst.DccAssist'
Notice '../', not './'


1b. Again from the src directory,
run 'java dccassist.DccAssist [absolute path to libMessageControl.so]'
Note with this startup method, DccAssist expects the absolute system path to libMessageControl.so, e.g. /home/username/dccassist/libMessageControl.so

2. Run X-Chat and load the plugin dccassist.so from the top level directory.

You must follow this execution order as the java frontend creates message queues for talking with the plugin.

A decent portion of the early development of this project will be gathering all the different NOTICE messages that come from different bots over IRC. Most of the basic and most common messages are already handled, but if an unknown message is received, DccAssist will append the message to the file UNKNOWN_MESSAGES which is stored in the top level directory of DccAssist. Should you receive any unknown messages, please email this file to red@redkrane.net so that the messages will be properly handled in the next release.

Currently the only developer: